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Since When Do I Watch Hockey????

The first long run of this training season is officially in the books. It’s done. And the one thing that I learned? Well, not really learned, but was reminded … don’t be a dumbass. Don’t pretend like you can just wake up on Saturday morning and run 12 miles without fueling. You can, but it sucks. A lot. And you feel like you want to pass out. Luckily, though, despite my stupidity yesterday morning, I didn’t pass out. Just remember, kids, a granola bar and cup of yogurt do not count as pre-run fuel when you really don’t eat anything a day earlier.

The run ended up taking us two hours, which isn’t too bad for a long run. Though, I was surprised to see that our last two miles were the fastest–particularly since I felt like Death.

Miles 1 through  2 — 20:20
Miles 3 through 6 — 40:17 (I forgot to hit the lap button on my watch at the 4 mile marker)
Miles 6 through 8 — 20:11
Miles 8 through 10 — 20:07
Miles 10 through 12 — 19:03

Tomorrow, we have 8 miles with 10x100m strides.

Now … to the “fun” part of our weekend. Cleaning. It’s dawned on us several times in the past week that this wedding thing is slowly getting closer and closer … and that we should probably consider making sure that everything is in order. Both for the wedding and for my eventual move in to Sarah’s apartment. As Sarah kicked ass  cleaning out her closet (begrudingly making room for my clothes) and other areas of the apartment, I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, filed papers, etc. We managed to accomplish quite a bit in about a day and a half, but still have a lot to do. If any one is free and wants to help, I have no money to pay you, but am willing to give you a hardy handshake and my utmost gratitude. Just give me a ring. Really.

One last note: I’d also like to add that I am extremely grateful for Sarah cleaning her closets and making room for my stuff. I know it stresses her out. That is all.


And here we go

Before you begin reading, know that this post is like many (most) of my posts–rambling with really no deep thought or takeaway.

With that said…

Well, two training runs down. A sh#t ton more to go. This is going to be one, long training season. And damn it, I couldn’t be more excited! Really.

Sarah and I rocked out a nice mile run this evening in just under an hour and a half, and I realized that it will definitely be these medium-long runs that prove to be my biggest challenge. More than anything, I’ve typically lacked the motivation. I’m generally a 3-4 days per week and 30 miles/week + speed work type of runner. But I decided to go hardcore for the Chicago Marathon and try a more aggressive plan that builds up to as much as 55 miles/week. So as we look to eat out less and spend less money in general, I think this plan is going to work. I just need to buckle down, focus and make it through the Wednesday/Thursday runs of 9+ miles, and I’ll be fine. It’ll be a day-to-day challenge, but I’m ready for it.

So, my schedule this week includes 32 miles total and looks like this:

  • Monday – 7 mi w/ 10×100 strides
  • Wednesday – 9 mi
  • Thursday – Lifting
  • Friday – Lifting (morning) and 4 mi (evening)
  • Saturday – 12 mi

And, while the following has no relevance to running, these MVP commercials are my favorites right now, so I wanted to make sure everyone had a good laugh.

It’s like hot times a million here

There is a thin line between smart and stupid training. A really thin line. And today, I decided to stay on the “smart” side of that line. I woke up at 8 am with the intention of running 14 miles.

I even thought I’d run all 14 miles half-way through my run … but I didn’t.

Walking out the door to head to the trail, it was a warm 82 degrees. And with the humidity mixed in, it was more like 85. Anyways, I started out my run and for the first half, I felt sluggish, but overall, pretty good. Even at the half-way point, I was feeling exhausted but pretty good. It was when I got to mile 10 that I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. Seriously. All of my energy was gone. Just like that. I was all salty. I was burning up. And so, I decided to call it quits. After mile 10, I walked a mile to cool down. And then I ran another mile. When I realized that I was still burning up, I really called it quits and walked the final two miles.

Like I said, there is a thin line. And I wasn’t about to cross it today.

Two days ’til Chicago

Damn! That was a long weekend. And I was productive. So in retrospect, it was a good, long weekend.

I stayed in Friday night, succumbing to laziness and woke up to the sound of rain at 5 am on Saturday. Now, my plan was to skip the 5 mi recovery run and do 12 miles instead, but with the rain steadily coming down, I reverted to only running 5 mi. And it was a great decision … as the rain didn’t let up at all until about 4 pm. After my run, I headed over to my parent’s house, where I helped paint the bathrooms. I actually enjoy painting, and with the rain coming down, it was a great way to spend the rest of my Saturday morning.

Let’s move ahead to today (Sunday) …

The Royals’ game was the first thing on the agenda. Okay, running was actually the first thing I had planned, but I decided to sleep in instead. Following the game, I was absolutely exhausted, but knowing that I had to get my long run in for the weekend (and that mouse had logged her miles for the day), I put my running shoes on and headed out. My legs were a bit sluggish, but I pushed forward and finished strong.

So that’s what I did this weekend. This week, I’m heading to Chicago. That’s right, I’m visiting mouse this week. And from what I hear, it should be rather interesting.

My first run on the Pfitz program

It was an epic battle. Runner Josh verses Slacker Josh.

RJ: Okay, time to go run. You have six miles to run, plus 10×100.
SJ: Nope. I don’t wanna.
RJ: You have to.
SJ: Nope.
RJ: Mhmmmm. We’re training for a marathon here!
SJ: So? Sounds like a stupid idea if you ask me.

And a good five minutes after work, this dispute waged in my head while I sat there, okay, I laid there, on my couch. In retrospect, that really didn’t help much. But good eventually overcame evil, and I headed out the door to run.

I made the decision right after GMR that any mileage run over five miles would require me to run on a surface other than the sidewalk (if possible), so rather than running an out and back from my apartment, I drove south to a paved trail often utilized by Team In Training.

By all accounts, the run went fairly well, especially considering it was only two days removed from GMR. My hamstring was fairly sore (again), and I stopped half-way through to stretch it out. It would continue hurting throughout the run, but not enough to the point where I had to stop, and I finished my run in approximately 57 minutes.

I’ll be taking the evening off and going to the Royals/Cardinals game with my dad. Tomorrow, I’ll be forced to do my 10-miler in the morning. I have a work obligation starting at 6:30 pm, so the pre-work run is my only option. Given my track record of actually waking up and running before work I would expect most of you to think that the odds of me running in the morning are about 1 percent. But I’m doing it. Just you watch.

Tomorrow is Thursday. The week is almost over.

I’m currently having a staring competition with my phone. I keep wanting it to ring, and it doesn’t. It’s winning. And it’s driving me crazy.

I ran a little over three miles tonight (somewhere around 3.1) in 28:49. Again, I felt sluggish. Coincidentally, I ate first and ran second (again). I really have to do something about that. That and all of these damn hills. Why can’t Kansas just be flat like everyone thinks it is????

Here are a few more photos from the weekend. The first one is my favorite.

The winds of change

“I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become.
I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.”

– Michael Jordan

I was first introduced to the above quote in high school. During my freshman year, baseball wasn’t turning out to be all that I expected, and after receiving that quote from my parents, I was determined to change things around. I began running more. Lifting weights. And gradually, the tide changed.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately … as it pertains to my running, my career and my life. And when I stop to think about it, I have a clear vision of where I want to be in each of these facets of my life. It’s a refreshing thought.

Training for the Chicago Marathon began today. I ran four miles in 35:15, and I felt a bit sluggish. The 18 week schedule doesn’t begin for a few more weeks, but I want to ease myself back into training.

So the journey begins today. And I hope I will have the opportunity to share with you my next few steps in upcoming posts. But, let’s not put the cart before the horse.