Setting A Goal for the Chicago Marathon

Much like a thousand other people today, I caught the running bug watching the Boston Marathon. So, I thought I’d take this time to officially declare my goal for the Chicago Marathon.

In thinking about it, my PR is 3:58:02. Now, I should have done better that day–really. I stopped to walk through the water stops and did a few other things that set me back a few minutes. But that’s the race I ran, so 3:58:02 is my PR. With that said, as of right now, my goal for the race is going to be 3:50. Sarah and I talked about our shared goal, and for some reason, it’s not coming to mind. So this goal may be amended once or twice. It may be aggressive, but I have a few things to motivate me this year.

In the meantime, until training officially kicks off (and I’ve decided I’m going to try Pfitz this year), I’m doing speed work and tempo runs. It’s very similar to the plan I used for Illinois and hopefully, it keeps me in good shape and prepares me for the start of training in a few weeks.

Today’s run:
0.5 mi warm-up
3×1600 intervals (7:45, 7:30, 7:15) w/ 0.25 mi rest intervals (RI)
0.25 mi cool down


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